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from the first local station with news in high definition, this is 9 news now. hello. welcome to 9 news now at noon. i'm j.c. hayward. well, a rainy weekend we can look forward to and of course the ground is already saturated
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with melted snow, and it is flooding some areas. that could be a big possibility. so let's get right to howard with his forecast. really concerned about flooding throughout the week. right now flooding is in west virginia, not in maryland or virginia yet but a lot of rain to get through over the next 36 to 48 hours. start with doppler hd. we have moderate rain shower across northern prince georges county, rubble county north of 50 and the bw parkway. but other than that light scattered showers and a little fog. on the weather computer, let's tell you what is going on the big picture. one piece of moisture pushed through. it is going to the northwest in response to energy coming in from the west over us which will enhance the rainfall a little later today. looking at that tighter radar, you'll see delaware seeing particularly heavy rain along with many areas in the eastern
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shore and a lot of that has pulled in to pennsylvania. for us, we are under a flood watch through saturday evening, including everybody. even to richmond right now. everybody is under the flood watch. the counties in green in pennsylvania and west virginia out of our viewing area are under flood warnings and the snow pack is impressive. so that's why west of the divide, flowing through the ohio river, not the chesapeake real concerns of flooding there. temperatures rather cold. they are being kept down. we have readings in the upper 40s in gaithersburg and baltimore to the lower 50s and they are not going to move much. one more thing before we go. the afternoon doesn't look too bad. look at how the rain goes back in to tonight an tomorrow morning. going to get heavy rains that will cause problems. medics have rushed two people to the hospital after a crash this morning involving a fire truck. broken glass and twisted metal are scattered across the
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intersection of 14th street and constitution avenue northwest. both streets have reopened. officials say the truck was responding to a call when it collided with two cars. none of the emergency workers was injured. the two victims, however, suffered minor injuries. this is the same intersection where 51-year-old debra anne shiaco was killed. she jogged in the path of an oncoming tractor-trailer. the driver was not charged. police are looking for as many as two suspects who robbed an armored car. security guards were loading an atm at the bank of america located at 14th street and park road northwest. however, police are not saying how much money was taken. no one was injured. a man is expected of
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growing up in the u.s. and having ties to ail da that. yemeni authorities rounded him up in a security sweep earlier this month. over the weekend, he asked to go to the hospital where he allegedly snatched a gun, killing one security guard and wounding another. the 26-year-old graduated from this high school in new jersey. then held jobs at three nuclear power plants. officials say there is no reason to believe he breached security at the plants or that his work was connected to his activities in yemen. a former classmate was surprised he may have joined a terrorist group. >> i didn't can't it out of him. it wasn't like he had signs of being a violent kid or anything. >> reporter: he may have been influenced by extremist websites before moving to yemen. authorities are concerned about that country being the next staging ground for terrorists and americans who don't fit a
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profile carrying out terrorist acts after spending time on the internet. authorities charged a suburban philadelphia woman with trying to recruit jihaddist on-line. sources say that he does not appear to be connected to any current threat, investigators are eager to interview him. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. the federal government is willing to pay $675 million to first responders from september 11th. it will settle a lawsuit over health concerns following the terror attacks. the plaintiffs still have to agree on the deal. a four-car train derailed in metro's brentwood rail yard on wednesday. it's the latest in a recent string of events which have raised concerns about metro safety. it happened one day before a former head of the agency delivered a harsh report about
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improving metro's service. our 9 news now kristin fisher reports. >> reporter: metro's board of directors hired david gunn, a transit expert and former metro manager to diagnose metro's problems and describe some solutions. well, yesterday gunn did just that in a closed door meeting with the metro board. he was very blunt and said it would take three years to turn metro around. >> it was more than frank. it was withering. he gave us a clear, unvarnished truth type assess and told us we have a lot of issues we need to deal with. we need to deal with them immediately and set priorities for us. >> reporter: let's look at the recommendations. first, create a work place where safety is openly discussed and problems report withouted without fear. second, level with the public and communicate candidly about safety. in terms of budget, gunn called the current financial situation unsustainable. they are projecting a $190
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million budget in the following fiscal year. he said they should avoid cuts but manage fare increases to minimize ridership losses. they have not released the full reports but many metro riders are urging it should be made public especially since it was funded by taxpayer dollars. do you think the board should be required to make the report public? >> yes. >> reporter: why? >> i think the people that ride metro have a right to know how safe they are when they are getting on the bus or trains in the morning or the afternoon and getting off of work. so it should be public. >> definitely without a doubt. it disgraceful they don't make the report known to the public. >> reporter: in alexandria, kristin fisher, 9 news now. expect plays delays if you are taking metro this weekend because of track work taking place. add 30 minutes on the red line between fort totten and silver spring. every other train will end at
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rhode island avenue instead of glenmont. also, 30 minutes on the blue line between a.d.d. ison road and said yum armory. lawmakers will vote on a bill to increase the high school dropout age. currently any student age 18 or older can legally withdrawal from high school. the measure considered would raise the age to 17 in two years and then in three areas the age would increase to 18. a dc inmate who escaped yesterday afternoon is back in custody. police arrested terence moore near wheeler road and tenth place southeast around 7:00 last night. moore had escaped while contractors with corrections corporation of america were transporting him to the hospital. moore was being held for trying to kill a police officer during a barricade situation and shootout in may of last year. still to come when 9 news now returns, lost fortunes.
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talk about a tight fit. the captain of this cruiseship had a tough time going through
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narrow gates, locks and bridges down the river in germany. at one point the eclipse had three feet on either side. celebrity eclipse and her sister cruiseships are the largest to travel down this river. a tractor-trailer containing 3.5 million lottery scratchoff tickets crashed and caught fire yesterday in central florida. the truck was hauling $70 million worth of tickets. the tickets were scattered all over the road. after the back half of the trailer caught fire. no one was seriously injured. good news for those on the road because the number of people killed in traffic crashes is at its lowest level in a half century, just under 34,000 people died on the roads. it hasn't been that low since before the interstate employed the seat belt laws.
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and there are four times as many cars on the road right now. consumer report says tougher laws, especially a crackdown on drinking and driving is the reason. >> it is something we would see in the ' 80s on sitcoms. >> reporter: safer vehicles have helped to drive that number down. 170million cars are front and side air bags, and 85% use seat belts regularly. coming up next, howard and the weekend forecast. one of the things the rain will do is clear out the atmosphere. that cleansing mechanism, but before that happens we got an allergy update today and while it is come down, the tree pollen is how. the grass and weeds are active and the-month-old is low. ♪
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if you're on medicare part d, you can get... your 90-day prescription supply from a place... you already trust to keep you staying well. walgreens. you'll have the confidence of knowing your walgreens... pharmacist has personally checked your medications. and you'll be in control of how and when you pick them up. so you can relax and enjoy all your benefits. cheese! walgreens. there's a way to stay well. right now a group of volunteers from adventist rehabilitation hospital of maryland are heading to haiti. they will spend 12 weeks there providing rehabilitation care to victims who have lost limbs and suffered spinal cord
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injuries in january's earthquake. adventist volunteers are also taking donated medicine and medical supplies. inaugural parade in chile marched on, despite a severe aftershock yesterday that sent people running to the streets. there are no reports, however, of major injuries or damage. the nation's new president is taking his first reconstruction proposal to legislators today. and president obama has selected ten charities to receive his nobel peace prize money. the largest chunk, $280,000 will go to fisher house. it provides housing for families of injured veterans. 200,000 will go to the clinton- bush haiti fund. and the sequel to hbo's band of brothers premiers this weekend. it is called "the pacific." as a leadup to the debut, hundreds of world war ii
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veterans visited their memorial yesterday. peggy fox was also there along with tom hanks and steven spielberg. >> i saw some of them with wet eyes and it made my eyes wet. what can i tell you? that's exact exactly how it felt. >> reporter: steven spielberg got emotional as he food stood in front of the memorial today. he and tom hanks who produced band of brothers about a company of paratroopers fighting in the european theater have come out with a series about the war in this pacific. his father and sunkle fought in the pacific and urged him to tell the story. >> the war ended in europe but not with subpoena and we were losing tens of thousands of boys, you know, every couple of months and it was just a war that was accelerating not decelerating. >> as late as july of 1945, nobody on the planet earth knew how much longer that this
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horrible death was going to go on. it was a huge big question mark. >> since the memorial was dedicated in 2004, the honor flight medic has been bringing vets to the memorial. edward served on the uss helena in pear harbor. >> planes attacking, break out service ammunition. this is no drill. torpedo killed 33 of my shipmates. >> reporter: for many of these veterans it is the first time they have seen this memorial. they hope it serves as a reminder to all. >> 50 million people died is ridiculous. people are supposed to be human, not animals. >> reporter: the pacific mini series tells a story of two marines, a small story, spielberg says but representative of the 15 million others who served. in washington, peggy fox, 9 news now. i'm looking forward to that. >> i am, too. i don't know if i'm looking
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forward the weekend forecast it. >> will be wet. so go to the convention center and go to home and garden center. spring will be happening there and our spring is coming soon enough. not spring like at all. it is cold and raw and wet. go to the computer and talk about the forecast first over the next three days. kind of ugly. really, especially tonight and tomorrow when the rain will be heavy and winds increasing out of the northeast. 53 tomorrow. that may be optimistic. we may be in the upper 40s to around 50. but with the rain that could add up to two to four inches in spots, by the time things wind down. for sunday, light sprinkles and breezy with highs around 50. this afternoon, flood watch is in affect. it is cool and breezy. rain and showers, all though showers now, any rains will redevelop this afternoon toward this evening. anywhere from 50 north to 57
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down to fredericksburg with an east northeast wind 10 to 20 miles an hour. so it is feeling even colder than that. more rain tonight, locally heavy, too. northeast wind 15 to 25 miles an hour, gusting over 30. the sunset 6:12. for saturday, rain and wind, heavy at times especially the first half of the day. if we are lucky by afternoon, evening things will lessen. highs 50 to perhaps 55 south, southwest. northeast wind 15 to 25. the flood watch covers everybody. south of richmond not in the flood watch but the northern neck, southern maryland, northern maryland, the whole state of maryland in in the flood watch and much of virginia and all of delaware at this point. we have been watching moisture. a couple of bands and one pushed through this morning, and a lot of that is across new jersey and delaware heading to long island. we are seeing lighter showers, which have been with us with more to the southeast and the west. go over to live doppler 9000 hd and show you where it is coming
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down. not really that bad right now. although it is damp. jan in reedville said she had an inch already. bill 8/10 in newland. breaks around the metro but as you go to in the northwest, up in martinsburg, hagerstown eventually, some more light to moderate showers there. it was raining heavier this morning. and then over to the east in to parts of prince georges and anne arundel county from 95 back to 50. this is lifting north northwest. we are seeing some of it snake in to eastern howard county as well and then light showers are scattered about down to our south across charles county, across the river there as we head in to southern faulkier, over to stafford and woodbridge and dale city you may get some sprinkles here. but other than that the afternoon for a few hours quiet. temperatures are not going anywhere. they haven't gone anywhere. we are in the upper 40s gaithersburg to baltimore. 52 dc.
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taphannc ock 55. and shenandoah around 50. laurel the cold spot at 47. fairfax is and springfield 53. fort del belvoir and reagan national 52. the winds are howling out of the northeast at 13. so, that is going to keep that chilly air in here. while we have this moisture we also have this piece of energy. another little low down here. and all of that will gang up on top of us in waves of moisture as we go through the overnight, tomorrow morning, and through the day tomorrow, especially up north. we will linger with a shower. southerners may clear out and see the rain end earlier. steven day forecast, it's wet, windy, especially tonight and saturday. sunday only 50 and you are al are early hour shower is possible on monday. and much better on tuesday, wednesday and thursday. we will watch the heavy rains on weekend long. we will be back with more 9 news now at noon after this short
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today i'm saluting the capital youth empowerment program, fathers in touch. this is a fatherhood program. i'm so excited about it. i'd like for you to meet eric, the program's president and ceo. it's a relatively new program, but it is so important. you are located if fairfax, in alexandria. what do you do with fathers and children? >> well, we educate fathers through a 12-week parenting class and we help to bring fathers and children together through activities. >> reporter: it's so important because i have some statistics that say that father absence put youngsters a risk for a negative outcome.
12:27 pm
children from fatherless homes are four times more lakely to commit suicide, seven times more likely to become teenager mothers, 24 times more likely to run away, six times more likely to be in a state institution. your program is so important. you helped how many families last year? >> 27 families last year and we look to help 75 families this year. >> reporter: you have success rates, it really helps? >> yes, it really does. >> reporter: the kids get a lot 0 out of the program and the fathers get a lot of out the program. how do you get your fathers? >> they are referred from the court for abuse, neglect, child abuse, domestic cases and men can come and sign up for free if they just want to be a better dad. >> reporter: and you are teaching fathers to be green. what is that about? >> we are working with job links in alexandria, virginia to help train men for green jobs. the men, we really want them to be employed and support their
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families. >> reporter: if you know a family that needs this program, there's a phone number. we will put it on the screen. 202-321-8704. or you can go the website thank you for being with us. join us at 5:00. thank you.
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